70-410 Objective 6.1 – Understanding Group Policy Management on Windows Server

This video explains Group Policy Management and the components of Group Policy. For Objective 6.1 Creating and Managing Group Policy for the 70-410. We start by looking at the Active Directory structure so that we can compare it to what we see in the Group Policy Management Console. The GPMC or Group Policy Management Console is the primary tool to manage Group Policy in Windows Server 2012 R2. We look at the differences between Active Directory containers and AD Organizational Units, since we can only apply GPOs to an OU. We then compare the AD structure to what we see in the GPMC. We look at the carious components of GPO which is the GPO itself, the Organizational Unit it is applied to and the GPO Link that ties the two together. We also understand the two GPOs that are created by default when we create a domain. Which is; the Default Domain Policy and the Default Domain Controller Policy. We then look at where the actual Group Policies are stored in the Sysvol for Active Directory. We look further at how we can identify the GUIDs we see in the SysVol by looking at the properties of the GPO. We also look at the different components inside of the GPO from a storage aspect, identifying the Machine and User portion of the GPO. Next we discuss how to create and link a new GPO to an OU. We then identify the different sections of the newly created GPO and understand the computer and user settings. We also understand the basic structure and layout of settings inside of a GPO and the differences between Policies and Preferences.

Introduction – 0:10

Examining Active Directory – 0:20

Differences between AD Containers and AD OUs – 0:35

Comparing AD to the GPMC – 2:18

Components of GPO – 2:55

Storage of the GPOs in Active Directory via the SysVol – 4:42

How to identify which policy is which with the GUID – 5:15

Components of how the GPO is stored – 6:02

Creating a GPO and Linking it – 6:52

Components of GPO Settings – 7:35

Structure of the various settings inside of the GPO – 8:58

Differences between Policies and Preferences – 9:05

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