70-410 Objective 3.1 – Create & Configure Virtual Machine Settings in Hyper-V Part 2

This video is the second part in the two part lecture notes for the 70-410 series on objective 3.1 following the ExamRef book. This objective covers Creating and Configuring Virtual Machine Settings for Hyper-V. We examine Guest Integration Services for supported operating systems and the functionality we obtain installing the Guest Integration Services. We also learn that Windows 8/8.1 and Windows Server 2012/R2 have the Guest Integration Services already installed. We learn about Enhance Session Mode, which allows for redirection of the clipboard, USB, Audio and a multitude of other peripherals at the Hyper-V console. We dive deep into how memory is configured for guest Virtual Machines in Hyper-V and explore how memory is allocated at startup. We also look at how we can over-subscribe memory using Dynamic RAM and how memory is allocated using Dynamic RAM, memory buffer and memory weight. We will also look at Smart Paging and how Smart Paging helps VMs start when there is not enough physical RAM to allow startup. We will also cover configuring resource metering and how resource metering can be used in controlling of expenses and charge backs for multi tenancy hosts.

Configuring Guest Integration Services – 0:13

Enhanced Session Mode for Hyper-V consoles – 2:12

Allocation and Configuration of Memory for Guest VMs – 3:51

How Dynamic RAM works – 5:14

How Memory Buffer works – 6:25

How Memory Weight is used – 7:08

Over-subscription of RAM and Smart Paging – 7:38

Configuring Resource Metering – 9:34

Labs to follow this lecture series – 11:11

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