70-410 Objective 2.2 – Printer Management and Document Services Role Lab

This video is the lab on Print and Document Services for Printer Management. I cover installing adding the Print and Document Service Role as well as the service roles of Print Server, Distributed Scan Server, Internet Printing, and the LPD Service. I cover how to use the Print Management MMC to view all printers, all drivers, printers not ready, printers without jobs, adding other Print Servers and the Deploying Printers view. I also cover Port management, Driver Management, Forms Management and managing printers thru the MMC. I will cover Scan Management and explain how you can use Scan Management and what you need for Scan Management to work. I also explain how to setup Internet Printing and show you how to setup and configure clients for Internet Printing via the IPP Internet Printing Protocol.

Installation of Print and Document Service Role 1:18

Review of Print Management MMC 4:40

Managing Printers thru Print Management 5:50

Managing Printer Forms 6:45

Review of LPD Service 8:08

Review of Distributed Scan Services / Scan Management 9:20

How to setup Internet Printing via the Internet Printing Protocol 13:20

How to configure clients for Internet Printing 18:17

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