70-410 Objective 3.2 – Creating and Configuring VM Storage on Hyper-V 2012 R2 Part 1

In this video we explore Objective 3.2 Creating and Configuring Virtual Machines Storage on Hyper-V. This is another video in the 70-410 series following the ExamRef book for the 70-410 exam. We will explore this differences between Generation 1 vs Generation 2 hardware related to storage. Such as the differences between the IDE and SCSI virtual controllers inside of the Virtual Machine. We then examine the differences between Virtual Disk Types of Fixed Disks, Dynamically Expanding Disks and Differencing Disks. We also examine the differences between VHD and VHDx virtual hard disk formats. We then discuss Creating Virtual Disks and the three methods of creating Virtual Disks, through the GUI, through the Hyper-V MMC and through PowerShell. We look at how we can add a Virtual Disk to a VM and the differences of adding drive dependent on the VM Generation. We will also examine the steps in creating a differencing disk for lab or VDI use.

Differences between Generation 1 and Generation 2 VMs – 0:12

Fixed disk type for VHDs and VHDXs – 1:39

Dynamically Expanding disk type for VHDs and VHDXs – 2:39

Differencing disk type for VHDs and VHDXs – 3:45

Differences between VHD and VHDX – 4:47

Three methods of Creating Virtual Hard Disks – 6:38

Adding Virtual Disks to a VM – 8:05

How to create a Differencing Disk – 9:31

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