70-410 Objective 4.2 – DHCP Leases and Reservations on Windows Server 2012 R2

In this video we will be investigating Objective 4.2 Configuring DHCP Server in Server 2012 R2. In this video I will explain how DHCP leases and reservations work in Windows Server 2012 R2. We will begin by recapping what was done in the prior lab when we installed the DHCP role and created our first scope in DHCP. We then use server 3 as a DHCP client and obtain an address from DHCP. We will then observe what has happened in the DHCP leases and examine the lease for Server 3. We proceed to create a reservation for Server 3 by its MAC address in the DHCP MMC Console. We then examine the reservation in DHCP. I also explain why you should never delete a reservation and give a lengthy analogy of how it works. We then hop back to Server 3 and perform an ipconfig /release and an ipconfig /renew, so that we can observe the reservation in action.

Recap from the Prior Lab in the DHCP MMC Console – 0:17

Observing the leases in the DHCP MMC – 0:27

Sign into Server 3 – 0:34

Changing Server 3 from Static to DHCP – 0:44

Observing the lease for Server 3 in the DHCP MMC – 1:17

Observing the IP Configuration of Server 3 – 1:41

Configuration of a DHCP Reservation – 1:54

Example of ‘Add to Reservation’ – 2:05

Examine the reservation created – 2:28

Warning about deleting leases – 2:47

Creating a New Reservation – 3:25

Examine the newly created reservation on Server 3 – 3:56

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