70-410 Objective 5.1 – Creating an AD Domain Controller Using IFM on Windows Server 2012 R2 Lab 4

In this video we will exam objective 5.1 of the 70-410 Exam. Specifically we will look at creating a Domain Controller using the IFM or Install From Media option. This option allows you to add a domain controller at a remote site with low bandwidth to the main site. When promoting a Domain Controller a full replica copy of Active Directory is pulled from an existing Domain Controller. If the domain is heavily populated with objects and you have several tens of thousands of objects the initial replication could take days depending on bandwidth connectivity. In these rare cases we can export the Active Directory database and all of its Group Policy Objects and place them on removable media. The removable media can then be taken to the remote site and during the DCPromo you can specify the install of the DC with an Install From Media. Once the Active Directory database is intact, replication will begin to update any objects that had changed from the time of the export. In this video I will guide you on how to create the IFM and how to DCPromo using the IFM that has been exported.

Introduction – 0:05

Creating the IFM export copy of Active Directory and the Sysvol – 0:15

Why we would want to do an IFM? – 0:35

Activating the current NTDS Instance – 1:20

Options for an IFM – 1:57

Performing the IFM – 2:44

Examining the IFM files created – 3:25

Installing with the IFM on the other server – 4:58

Installing the Active Directory Domain Services Role – 5:28

Performing the DCPromo – 5:50

Specifying the IFM location – 6:40

Examining the PowerShell script – 7:48

Verifying the DCPromo – 9:30

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