70-410 Objective 4.3 – Active Directory Integrated Zone Replication on Windows Server 2012 R2 Lab 3

In this video we will be investigating Objective 4.3 Deploying and Configuring DNS Service in Windows Server 2012 R2. We will investigate Active Directory Integrated Zone Replication for DNS and the options when creating a Zone. We will first investigate the forward lookup zone for contoso.com and what is currently in DNS. Then we will begin to create a new Forward Lookup Zone and walk through the different zone types. We then focus our attention on the Active Directory Zone Replication Scope and the options that surround it. We will look at how Forest Replication, Domain Replication, Windows 2000 Compatibility and Custom AD DNS Partitions work. We then create a Custom Active Directory DNS Partition via the dnscmd /createdirectorypartition command and I explain the namespace requirement for these custom partitions. We will then create a new Active Directory Integrated Zone and select the custom partition we created. We then re-investigate DNS to see the custom partition we created via the dnscmd command. We also cover how to enlist Domain Controllers for the custom application partition replication. We the end the video looking at the partitions of Active Directory via the adsi.msc or ADSI Edit command, we specifically look at the Schema, Configuration, Forest Application, Domain Application and Custom Application partition we created.

Introduction to the lab – 0:20

Creating a Forward Lookup AD Integrated Zone – 0:38

Zone Types – 0:41

AD Zone Replication Scope – 1:05

Forest Replication – 1:10

Domain Replication – 2:00

Windows 2000 Compatibility – 2:13

Specific Domain Controllers (Selective Replication) – 2:44

Creating a Custom Active Directory DNS Partition – 2:53

Investigating the Built-in DNS application Partitions via Namespace – 3:24

Using the dnscmd command to Create a Custom Partition – 4:06

Creating a Forward Lookup Zone with Selective Replication – 6:00

Investigate DNS for the Custom Namespace – 6:46

Enlisting Domain Controllers for Selective Replication – 7:15

Using ADSI Edit to Investigate the Application Partition in AD – 7:30

Explanation of Schema, Configuration, Application and Domain Partitions – 9:10

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