How To Setup DHCP with Dynamic DNS for Server 2012 R2

Dynamic DNS and DHCP are a perfect way to manage IP addressing in a network. With Microsoft’s Active Directory integrated zones and secure updates, you get the benefit of security. A common practice is to install DHCP on a domain controller. This can often present a problem with credentials for the DHCP server to the DNS zone for PTR records.

If you have setup DHCP and DNS and you are not registering PTR records for the reverse DNS zone. Then you probably have not setup credentials for the DHCP server for Dynamic DNS registration. The fix is easy: you just need to create a DHCP Service Account add it to the DNS Update Proxy group. Then enter the credentials in the property tab of the DHCP server.

Since the client is responsible for registering the A host record, the client uses its credentials to register the entry in DNS. However since the DHCP server is responsible for registering reverse DNS IP to hostnames, otherwise known as the PTR record. The DHCP server needs to use its credentials for the service to register the PTR record. When you setup the service on a domain controller, the credentials are blank.

The video below explains how to setup the complete lab along with the fix described above.

This video will explain the simple lab setup for the above lab.

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