Highly Available VMs in 2012 R2 Windows Failover Cluster Services Lab Series

This lab series focuses on Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V and Windows Failover Cluster Services. The series shows how to build a working Hyper-V Cluster with Cluster Shared Volumes. All labs are created inside of VMware Workstation. Each of the eight labs focuses on a different objective. Please view and follow them from Lab 1 thru Lab 8. So that you can complete the final lab. Each lab builds on itself to a works Hyper-V lab in Lab 8.

Note: The lab files used in these labs can be downloaded here Scripts for Virtual Labs

Objectives Covered

Lab 1, 2 & 3 – 2012 R2 Hyper V Initial Setup

  • Initial setup of the working environment.
  • Working with Server Manager to manage remote servers.
  • DC installation via the lab accelerator script.
  • Hyper-V role installation.

Lab 4 – 2012 R2 Hyper-V VM Replication

  • Setup of a Hyper-V for replication to a Disaster Recovery server.
  • Considerations for replication and firewall rules.
  • Considerations for replication using encryption.
  • Understanding how planned failover works.
  • Understanding how reverse replication works.
  • Understanding how Hyper-V replication works.

Lab 5 – Networking Inside of Hyper V

  • Differences between External, Internal and Private Network virtual switches inside of Hyper-V.
  • Demonstration of how the internal and external virtual network switch creates a pseudo NIC in the Parent OS.
  • Understanding requirements for guest virtual machines to communicate to the host OS.
  • Understanding the differences between legacy and synthetic network adapters.
  • Demonstration of two BSD guest operating systems and each virtual switch network type.

Lab 6 – 2012 R2 iSCSI Targets and Initiators

  • Understanding the components of an iSCSI target.
  • Understanding how to connect iSCSI Initiators.
  • Differences between Fixed, Dynamically Expanding and Differencing disks.
  • Demonstration of how the iSCSI disk is presented to the operating system.

Lab 7 – Windows 2012 R2 Failover Cluster Services Setup in VMware

  • Understanding network requirements for Windows Failover Clusters.
  • Best practices of networking inside of Windows Failover Clusters.
  • Preparing Quorum disks for Windows Failover Clusters.
  • Installation of Windows Failover Cluster Services.
  • Understanding why you need the cluster validation wizard report.
  • Understanding where to find the cluster validation wizard report.

Lab 8 – 2012 R2 Highly Available VMs in Windows Failover Cluster Services w/Live Migration

  • Understanding how Cluster Shared Volumes works
  • Understanding the differences between Live Migration and Quick Migration.
  • Understanding how Live Migration works.
  • Understanding how Quick Migration works.
  • Understanding how to add storage to a Hyper-V Cluster.
  • Understanding how Storage Migration works.
  • Demonstration of host maintenance mode and failover.
  • Demonstration of how Cluster Aware Updating works and configuration.
  • Creating Highly Available Hyper-V Virtual Machines roles.

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